Post Manchester: Where Do We Go From Here?

Properly safeguarding today’s stadia is the bedrock of a sports and entertainment entity. Intelligence gathering/analysis is rather significant in protecting and preventing potential confined space challenges. The most recent tragedy at the UK Manchester Arena is a stark but painful reminder that our work continues on a daily basis. Hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to the victims and families during this most difficult time.

In addition, proactive risk mitigation event staff training initiatives will be key to protecting the space. Staff needs to be equipped with knowing how to lead patrons to safety during an emergency, crises situation. Fans also need to buy into personal situational awareness, letting the authorities know when something does not look, feel right. See something, say something. We are all in this together.

Post-U.K. Manchester Arena Analysis:

The Ariana Grande concert was not supposed to turn out this way. The world-renowned pop singer has expressed her deepest sympathies via Twitter and intends on holding a benefit concert on June, 4th in honor of the victims and families. As the U.K. investigation continues, additional facts will indeed come to light.

Furthermore, intelligence gathering/analysis will play a monumental role in finding out who is responsible for these horrific acts. Highly trained event staff, having a situational awareness is now the new norm. There is no way around proactively training your event staff during concerts. It’s called Duty of Care, the legal threshold.

Extending Exterior Perimeters & Entertainment Zones: Soft Target Challenges

Pushing out exterior perimeters will need greater attention along with taking an “inside out, outside in” approach, & smart deployment of staff. Effective screening measures, i.e. metal arches, hand wanding, metal detectors, bag searches, clear bag policy, pat downs, biometrics, CCTV, shared intelligence, fusion centers, JTTF-Joint Terrorism Task Force will be paramount for safeguarding the vertical.

Lessons learned & best practices is the prevailing theme. There is way too much fear out there. Training will be the difference maker.

Additional points of interest:

Stadium, Venue and Arena Security 2017 & Beyond
The Integration of Technology & Responsible Social Media Monitoring
Social Media Managers working in Command Centers
Severe, Inclement Weather Plans
Effective Drone Policy-especially with open-ended stadia.
Site Visits-Threat and Vulnerabilities Assessments-looking for weak spots.

EMS-Emergency Medical Services personnel attending pre-event meetings. Their medical knowledge, looking for signs of patron drug usage as fans enter the venue. Setting up water stations around the venue, stadium, concert hall, in order to prevent and/or reduce EMS calls for dehydration, heat exhaustion etc., useful in open-ended stadia in hot/warm weather climates.

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