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School Safety 2018 & Beyond

The world we find ourselves living today is filled with conflict and turmoil. The shooting massacres coming out of both Parkland-Florida and Santa Fe High school-Texas are tragic in every sense of the word. The fear, anxiety and apprehension our school aged children and parents…
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Event Security 2018 & Beyond: Where Is The Industry Heading?

The fascinating world of Event Security continues to present numerous challenges for security leaders protecting the vertical. The integration of technology platforms along with the overall fan experience is what fuels today’s multi-billion dollar juggernaut known as sports and entertainment. Furthermore, AI, biometrics, facial recognition,…
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Family Safety & Preparedness 2.0

The world we find ourselves living in today is quite complicated. We face many challenges both here and abroad. My new book on family safety and preparedness was published this past November 2017. The experience of writing a new book has been a great deal…
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