It has been a privilege and pleasure to interact with Jim DeMeo on LinkedIn over the past 3 years. When I finally met Jim in person, I wasn’t surprised. He was a consistent impression of the cool, calm, collected and thoughtful discussion contributor I had come to know. From the beginning Jim displayed an aptitude for the big picture and the courage that went along with sharing his ideas on paper. As the budding consultant he was, he had the inner strength to speak up, disagree and support his position with grace, tact and diplomacy. Jim just wasn’t looking for attention but to learn and grow. He didn’t keep his thoughts to himself. Jim taught me a thing or two. In other words, he didn’t just create dialogue but added value in a pleasing manner. I have seen Jim blossom as someone I call a peer of distinctive standing. Today, as an expert in event security consulting, Jim reassures me that beyond his technical competency, his polished interpersonal and communications skills makes him an enviable choice organizations would be thrilled to have. Jim dares to specialize at a time when being a generalist is safer. He would be a great hire as a professional event security management consultant right now.

Felix P. Nater. CSC, Certified Security Consultant

Throughout his career, Jim maintained an excellent reputation for hard work and dedication. I highly recommend him.

John T. Owen, Lieutenant at Nassau County Police Department

James Demeo was a dedicated, hard working detective. He needed little supervision, his work was thorough and complete. James Demeo would be an outstanding addition to any company.

Robert Fitchett, Deputy Inspector Executive Officer Fourth Precinct at Nassau County Police Department

James did an excellent job as a Guest Speaker in my class. The class loved his forward approach and great stories.

Michael Zanca, Operations / Facility / Venue Consultant at Kurpferberg Center for the Arts at Queens College

It was a great pleasure to work with Jim. I often called Jim to my command to handle specialized investigations. His professionalism and dedication was reflected in every tangible aspect of his job – e.g. law enforcement knowledge and skills, interrogation and interviews, work ethic, report writing, communication skills. His positive attitude and calming demeanor caused even the most abrasive and hostile clients to willingly respond to him in a civil and respectful manner. He was well respected by his peers which was evident by the positive comments that would often be made about him by the officers that Jim was assigned to assist. I highly recommend Jim.

Edward Kelly, Law Enforcement Professional

Jim DeMeo is a reliable, upbeat, thorough, detail oriented investigator who could be counted on to get the job done and bring others along with him. Always a positive force, Jim brought the same attributes to working with kids in his capacity as a coach and mentor.

Sean McCarthy, Chief of Support Services at Nassau County Police Department

Jim is a highly qualified Security professional. His knowledge of the Asset Protection discipline, along with his Supervisory and Communications skills allows him to be an effective administrator and a respected leader. He is also capable of responding to changing needs to meet the demands placed upon an organzation’s security and safety operation.

Robert Sena, CPP, Head of Security at United Nations International School

James is an efficient, thoughtful and kind supervisor. He is knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. He completes all tasks on time and is very thorough. James also works very well with Senior Management. He is a great leader and many people look up to him. I would recommend James for any position. He is someone who I would definitely love to have on my team again!

Robert Rustman, MBA, Senior Region Human Resource Leader

I work with James at the same university. He is a retired police officer who works in public safety at the university where I am a professor. James asked me to write a letter of recommendation and I am happy to do so.
James presents himself as a courteous, thoughtful and helpful colleague. I have had the opportunity to discuss James’ interests and career goals. I have learned of his interest in sports security. His passion for this field was evident in our conversations and the articles he wrote on the topic that he shared with me.
James has excellent communication skills, extensive law enforcement experience, and displays a sense of responsibility in the workplace. Based on my informal contacts with James, he appears to posses the knowledge and skills for a position related to security or sports security, including teaching or training in these areas.

Carl Mirra, Professor at Adelphi University

I would highly recommend James Demeo for employment at an institution for higher learning. He displays a level of sincere engagement with others that surpasses those of his peers and he is truly dedicated to helping educate others. As a young professional who recently completed his graduate work, I can say that I have full confidence in James’ ability to teach the youth of today, and the future.

Curtis T. Lafferty, Experienced Program Analyst with a passion for customer service looking for opportunities

I was fortunate enough to work with Jim. He is the consummate professional and was a great asset to not only the Public Safety Department but the entire Adelphi community. His experience and overall desire will be missed. Any organization would greatly benefit having him on their staff. He is sincerely one of the nicest guys I’ve ever known.

Raymond Hughes, Captain, Emergency Management & Training at Adelphi University

I was fortunate to have James DeMeo offer his guidance and expertise in the field of sport security and event management through an excellent presentation to my sport & event management courses. James is a high character, knowledgeable practitioner in the field, and his unique blend of experiences offer an in depth look at security and risk management protocol and application at events of many different sizes. His experience in law enforcement and event management, coupled with extensive education in sports management is a combination that truly offered a tremendous learning experience for my students. He is extremely well spoken and sincerely treasures the ability to connect with and impact each student, even if they’re hundreds of miles away and have only a short time together. James is an outstanding professional, and I look forward to working with him in the future to continue to help open the eyes and minds of the next generation of event management personnel

Scott Grant, MBA, CAA, President – @3ThreatLeaders / College Professor

It is an honor and I am proud to recommend James A. DeMeo. I think James has the ability to exceed in all Security related fields. I have had lengthy conversations across a myriad of topics focusing on law enforcement and Sports Security issues which have a habit of changing rapidly. This is a high level field, one which requires constant training and updating. He is constantly studying to gain greater proficiency concerning this difficult subject. James is an innovator and a leader in this field and I expect him to do great things in the future. I would be pleased to talk to anyone considering James DeMeo for any position.

Frank Bussey, Legendary Event Operations Consultant | Impactful Training / Coaching | Engaging Public Speaker | You Need a Plan!

James is a well-connected professional that always takes the time to support anyone in his network. When I was making the decision to relocate to Texas, James was a constant resource and advisor to me. In addition, James has an impressive background in law enforcement, investigations, and security. He is someone that I turn to for advice. I would recommend James for any sort of endeavor that he pursues.

Doyle C., Investigator/Texas Private Investigator

James is an excellent speaker with a wealth of knowledge about sport security and event management. I enjoyed him speaking to my Sport Facility and Event Management course at Gannon and the students seemed very engaged and interested in his lecture. James is a great resource and is highly qualified to teach any courses related to sport facility management, risk management, and event management.

Eric Brownlee, Chair at Gannon University

James is an excellent speaker, who is knowledgeable about event management and sport security. It was a great honor for me to have him to speak to my class as a guest speaker. Most of my students told me that they were interested in and had learned a lot from Jame’s lecture. He is surely a great resource and is highly qualified to teach courses in the university.

Dr. Norman Li, Assistant Professor of Sport Management at St. Ambrose University

I highly recommend James as a guest speaker for event operations and facility management classes. James spoke with my students. His story is powerful. James helped my students learn more about security issues at events, and also inspired students to achieve their personal and career goals.

Scott Bukstein, College Professor | Sports Lawyer | ThinkTwin™

I highly recommend James as a guest speaker for event and facility management classes. He is an expert in security issues involved in event and facility management and he is a great speaker. His experience and expertise add value to students’ learning.

Ceyda Mumcu, Assistant Professor at University of New Haven

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like James A. DeMeo. James is a passionate professional with an expertise that can benefit any sports organization or company looking to secure their investments in the world of sports. James get people on board with great ideas that can change the face of your business. James is a leader and will be an asset to any team. As a team member or a leader, James has earned my highest recommendation.

Yann Abdourazakou, Ph.D., Associate Professor at California State University, Dominguez Hills

Mr. James DeMeo is an outstanding professional and his presentation skills, knowledge, extensive experience, and interpersonal skills are exemplary. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Mr. DeMeo via his excellent Skype presentation to my Sport Management students. His ability to connect with the audience while focusing on cutting edge content was outstanding. Mr. DeMeo’s innovative ideas, genuine persona, passion for the industry, and keen leadership abilities make him an asset to the sport security/asset management realm. I’m looking forward to future collaborations with Mr. DeMeo.

Tony Franklin, PhD, Assistant Professor, Professional Speaker, Consultant, and Sport Management / Higher Education Executive

As a university instructor who teaches graduate courses in facility and event management, I’d like to recommend James as an expert guest speaker in the area of security and crowd management. James gave an engaging and informative lecture to my graduate students and is someone whom I have recommended to other colleagues around the country who are also looking for an industry expert in this area. James is a great guy and really connected with my students – both during the lecture and beyond. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone searching for a security and crowd management expert.

Matt Bowers, Clinical Assistant Professor of Sport Management at the University of Texas at Austin

It is a pleasure to personally recommend James DeMeo.

I have had the chance to follow James through his writings in the area of Event Management & Sports Security over the last year. In addition, I am working with him in my development of a graduate level course in sport facilities. His law enforcement experience combined with a solid sport background offers any organization with a professional who is versatile and passionate. He has a desire to instill knowledge and expertise for those interested in the sport management field.

He is a driven professional that continues to gain insight every day. He is always striving to learn more about his chosen field, as he knows that the best professionals never stop learning. He is a well-known and respected expert in Event Management & Sports Security, a highly specialized field in sport. In addition, he is looking to pursue a terminal degree in sport management. He is a master networker who has very high expectations of himself and wants to help improve those who he works with.

Partnering with James will make a difference…his passion and knowledge will lead your organization to new heights.

Tim Rice, Core Faculty Member, University of the Rockies

It is with great pleasure to have the opportunity to recommend Mr. James A. DeMeo’s work. James and I recently worked together to bring his expertise to the classroom at Henderson State University in my REC 4283 Legal Issues and Risk Management in Sport and Recreation class. His expertise in law enforcement, sports security and stadiums, risk management, and his experience proved invaluable to our students. James exemplifies what it means to be a great leader both in the industry and certainly in the educational setting as well.

James quickly gained a strong rapport with my students and I can see how he can motivate and inform them with great competence and responsibility. I can see that his professionalism, prior experience, and mentorship will provide him with the requisite skills to be an asset in training/education and career development in this area.

As such, Mr. James A. DeMeo has my unequivocal recommendation for his work and expertise in sports security in stadiums and venues.

Margaret L Tudor, Assistant Professor of Sport Management, CC-AASP

I am honored to consider myself both a professional colleague and friend to James. I have witnessed his evolution from law enforcement professional to security leader. He took challenges inherent to the transition and turned them into successes. Determined to find his professional “niche”, James rapidly established himself as SME in the sports/venue security field. He has become a trusted professional colleague that I often “bounce” ideas off of and can count on an honest and beneficial response.

Michael S. D’Angelo, CPP, CHPA, Board Certified Healthcare Security Professional

I have thoroughly enjoyed having James’ guest lecture for my Sport Law class at Wichita State University. He displays a passion for understanding the importance of event security management and developing strategies for sport organization to mitigate risk for patrons and organizations. It was my pleasure working with James and look forward to having further works together.

Wonyoung Kim, Assistant Professor & Graduate Coordinator at Wichita State University

James DeMeo has a solid work ethic, an investigative mind and knows how to find the appropriate context for any situation. With these sets of skills, James adds value to any company for its growth and profit.

Robert Birch, Mortgage Escrow Specialist at 360 Mortgage Group, LLC

I met James about a year ago. Since then he has been a great asset when I need a go to for information about Event Management. He has truly set himself apart by reaching out to many professionals, and offering training in his niche market. James is a trusted friend, a professional who has an open mind, and understands the need to add value by providing relevant guidance.

Cody Mulla, MS, CPP, CHPA, CHPP