Security Steps Up After Ariana Grande Concert

Tighter security at events in the UK

After the terrorist attack after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester last week, the UK is taking steps to tighten security at all its events and venues, not withstanding, the FA cup weekend.

At the 3Arena show on May 30th, security procedures have been released stating that all bags above a certain size will be searched. Fans have already been informed both by event staff and 3Arena themselves to expect longer entry times.

Soft Targets in Raleigh, North Carolina

Just hours after the attacks, agencies across the United States, and notably in Raleigh, NC, have begun taking a closer look at potential vulnerabilities. Raleigh agencies are focusing efforts on soft targets within their reach.

Stadium Security across the US

Numerous sports stadiums across the country have responded to recent events with beefed up security as well. The Chicago Cubs is one example: they’ve donated $1 million for the installation of 30 cameras around and beyond Wrigley Stadium. 

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