Manchester Arena Security Incident

Tragic situation coming out of the U.K. The Ariana Grande concert was not supposed to turn out this way. Hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to the victims and their families during this senseless loss of life. The facts will indeed come out. Intelligence gathering/analysis will play a monumental role in finding out who is responsible for these horrific acts. Highly trained event staff, having a situational awareness is the new norm. There is no way around proactively training your event staff during concerts. It’s called Duty of Care, the legal threshold.

Pushing out exterior perimeters will need greater attention. Effective screening measures along with biometrics, CCTV, shared intelligence, fusion centers, JTTF, will be paramount will safeguarding confined spaces. Lessons learned/ best practices, all key in these endeavors. There is way too much fear out there. Training will be the difference maker. It starts with Training. Today. Right now.

Are you on board?

Recognition is due to the fast uncovering of information and facts from UK law enforcement.

James DeMeo comments about the event:


Read more at WSJ

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