Family Safety & Preparedness 2.0

The world we find ourselves living in today is quite complicated. We face many challenges both here and abroad. My new book on family safety and preparedness was published this past November 2017. The experience of writing a new book has been a great deal of hard work, commitment, perseverance, but without question has been well worth the effort. I have been blessed in so many ways, not only surrounding myself with an amazing Team but also reaching bestseller status.

Furthermore, my book is not about financial planning nor was it written to scare anyone. Knowledge is power and the antidote to fear is empowerment. Unfortunately, there seems to be a great deal of fear out there right now. Being prepared means being in tune with and aware of your immediate surroundings. Doing so places you in a position of strength. My book is designed to provide my reader the necessary tools to increase their awareness to today’s complicated world.

Sadly, most people don’t have a plan when confronted with the unthinkable, the unimaginable. That’s a shortsighted, reactionary mindset which can place you at a disadvantage. The time is now to have the conversation with your family, friends, and peers.

Being a thought leader means having the courage to be out in front, to impact change in a positive way. My book is a short, easy read broken down into 8 chapters and is 82 pages long. With the busy lives we lead, setting aside a few hours to read, digest and soak in the material may be worth your while. The feedback so far has been extremely positive.

Here’s a quick overview: What’s Your Plan?

Chapter 1: Sports and Entertainment Venues, Special Events

Chapter 2: Malls, Shopping Centers

Chapter 3: Places of Worship-Churches, Synagogues, Temples

Chapter 4: Corporate Workplaces-Potential Workplace Violence

Chapter 5: Colleges and Universities-Higher Education

Chapter 6: Festivals, Carnivals, Street Fairs, Amusement, Water Parks, and Theme Parks

Chapter 7: Movie Theatres

Chapter 8: Recreation, Aquatic & Fitness Centers

So, there you have it. Along with a series of checklists and exercise action lists, you can measure your progress after absorbing each chapter. My goal will be to continue to write, blog, research and share more insight on personal family safety preparedness. It’s an important, timely subject that we need to face. We need to be the best prepared we possibly can be.

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James A.DeMeo, M.S.

Author: What’s Your Plan? A Step-By-Step Guide to Keep Your Family Safe During Emergency Situations

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