Tim Rice, Core Faculty Member, University of the Rockies

It is a pleasure to personally recommend James DeMeo.

I have had the chance to follow James through his writings in the area of Event Management & Sports Security over the last year. In addition, I am working with him in my development of a graduate level course in sport facilities. His law enforcement experience combined with a solid sport background offers any organization with a professional who is versatile and passionate. He has a desire to instill knowledge and expertise for those interested in the sport management field.

He is a driven professional that continues to gain insight every day. He is always striving to learn more about his chosen field, as he knows that the best professionals never stop learning. He is a well-known and respected expert in Event Management & Sports Security, a highly specialized field in sport. In addition, he is looking to pursue a terminal degree in sport management. He is a master networker who has very high expectations of himself and wants to help improve those who he works with.

Partnering with James will make a difference…his passion and knowledge will lead your organization to new heights.

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