Scott Grant, MBA, CAA, President – @3ThreatLeaders / College Professor

I was fortunate to have James DeMeo offer his guidance and expertise in the field of sport security and event management through an excellent presentation to my sport & event management courses. James is a high character, knowledgeable practitioner in the field, and his unique blend of experiences offer an in depth look at security and risk management protocol and application at events of many different sizes. His experience in law enforcement and event management, coupled with extensive education in sports management is a combination that truly offered a tremendous learning experience for my students. He is extremely well spoken and sincerely treasures the ability to connect with and impact each student, even if they’re hundreds of miles away and have only a short time together. James is an outstanding professional, and I look forward to working with him in the future to continue to help open the eyes and minds of the next generation of event management personnel

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