Felix P. Nater. CSC, Certified Security Consultant

It has been a privilege and pleasure to interact with Jim DeMeo on LinkedIn over the past 3 years. When I finally met Jim in person, I wasn’t surprised. He was a consistent impression of the cool, calm, collected and thoughtful discussion contributor I had come to know. From the beginning Jim displayed an aptitude for the big picture and the courage that went along with sharing his ideas on paper. As the budding consultant he was, he had the inner strength to speak up, disagree and support his position with grace, tact and diplomacy. Jim just wasn’t looking for attention but to learn and grow. He didn’t keep his thoughts to himself. Jim taught me a thing or two. In other words, he didn’t just create dialogue but added value in a pleasing manner. I have seen Jim blossom as someone I call a peer of distinctive standing. Today, as an expert in event security consulting, Jim reassures me that beyond his technical competency, his polished interpersonal and communications skills makes him an enviable choice organizations would be thrilled to have. Jim dares to specialize at a time when being a generalist is safer. He would be a great hire as a professional event security management consultant right now.

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